When you see what mast*rbation can cure you will start doing it tonight!

Everyone knows that mast*rbation is fun! But did you know that this activity is ideal for health? Here’s what mast*rbation can cure!


1. Good for our heart

There was a research, conducted in Israel in 1976, in which over a 100 women showed that women who are more prone to heart disease, had fewer orgasms. But this is not a reason of giving up cardio exercises of course, but it means that you can enjoy yourself whenever you have the need to.

2. Help solving acne problems

The oxytocin secreted during sex or masturbation, can help in reducing cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone allowing the skin seems bloated and red. It means that when you are less stressed, you will have more clean skin, and you can also say goodbye to pimples if you masturbate regularly.

3. Falling asleep easily

When you have problems with falling asleep, you suffer from insomnia, it is very hard to spend half the night shaking in your bed. So, the next time when you will be e in such situation, masturbate as prolactin is secreted with the orgasm, and it has a soporific effect. That’s why orgasm is known as a natural antidepressant.

4. Helps your vagina to stay in shape

The pelvic floor muscles must be used regularly, arching the back and experiencing contractions of your vagina, in order to maintain the sexual function of those parts of the body. So, masturbation helps in maintaining regular blood flow to those parts.

5. You will live longer

Besides having shiny skin, you will also have a wonderful mood, as well as an excellent heart condition. And you will live longer of course! A study conducted on hundreds of couples, showed that those women satisfied with their sex life live longer than those that have a bad one.

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